Ian and Zoëgné, South Africa

“We had a two day birding trip in Campos do Jordao and surrounding areas where we recorded 140 species. Birding with Carlos was amazing and a great experience. He has a lot of knowledge and I would highly recommend making use of him. We also stayed at a very nice Posada in Campos do Jordão and had the best burgers ever. Thank you for your patience in showing us all the species the different areas had to offer. This was definitely a highlight for our trip to Brazil.”

Tom and Pam Webster, USA

“We have gone to Ubatuba, Itatiaia, Intervales, Fazenda Bacury, Areia que Canta, Trilha dos Tucanos, Serra da Canastra, and other locations in Southeast Brazil with Carlos Henrique on four different trips (2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022) and greatly enjoyed the birding with Carlos. He is a trained biologist and an excellent birder, with a good ear and a quick eye for birds. He’s very skilled at showing the birds to his clients. We have seen hundreds of species on our trips. Carlos is good company, and speaks English. And he knows the English, Portuguese, and Latin names for all the birds! In addition, he’s an excellent bird photographer and a very good driver. We plan on doing other trips with Carlos and would gladly recommend him to others who want a birding guide during their visit to Brazil. Feel free to contact us for more information.”

Robin Edwards, UK
“A business trip to Sao Paulo and Campinas would allow me one free day to spend some time watching birds. I was very fortunate to find Carlos Henrique who lives in Campinas and proved to be a highly skilled guide knowing the calls of a vast range of Brazilian birds. For someone like myself who had not travelled to South America before, this was just what I needed to ensure that I could optimise my day's birding. Carlos took me to the wonderful Bacury, two hours drive from Campinas. We arrived for breakfast around 6am before venturing into the virgin forest where many birds were singing and calling. After lunch the area provided a diverse range of habitats including open fields, gardens and a large river that provided species of herons and waterfowl. A day out that I would happily recommend to any birder travelling to the region. Carlos was a good host and possesses sharp eyes and ears to provide a very enjoyable day.”

Iain Thomas, UK
“I've had two trips to Brazil that gave me 2 and 3 days birding. Carlos Henrique designed two perfectly designed trip with a great variety of birds, his knowledge was great and he was very accommodating. I thoroughly recommend him and hope to catch up with him the next time I am in that part of the world.”

Maria Schneider, USA
“We recently found ourselves on a last-minute trip to Brazil. We were able to secure Carlos Henrique to show us the birds of the Atlantic forest for two days. Even though it was a short trip, Carlos made more of those two days than we ever thought possible. One of us is a novice, and the other a little bit more experienced. Carlos made it an extraordinary experience for both of us. We were amazed by his ability with birdsongs, and impressed how tireless he was under very rainy conditions. He was generous in addressing all of our needs. Even while stopping for meals, Carlos would suddenly leap from the table when he heard a bird to make sure we wouldn't miss it. His abilities are extraordinary and he's absolutely a joy to be with.”

Björn Anderson, Sweden
“I spent an excellent weekend at Campos do Jordao together with Carlos. Thanks to his outstanding ability to pick up bird sounds, we were able to see virtually all my target birds. His knowledge about which habitat to look for each key species greatly enhanced our result. In addition he is a very nice person, and can be highly recommended. Especially memorable was the evening when we enjoyed a male Long-trained Nightjar displaying only a few meters from us!”

David Johnston, USA
“I would like to recommend and give a 5 star rating to my new friend and birding guide extraordinaire Carlos Henrique. I found Carlos to be very patient, and extremely knowledgeable. He knew all of the birds by call and by their English names. During our 2 full days and 2 half days of birding, we identified 235 different species of birds. This experience more than exceeded my expectations. Carlos has a gentle spirit, and a great desire to cater to your every need. Thank you Carlos for your gentle spirit, love of birding, and caring personality.”